What we offer

We offer a teaching staff made up of people who love teaching. Every teacher has made a career choice to teach English and particularly enjoy the challenge that comes with the diverse backgrounds of our students and many of our teachers have struggled to attain their further education themselves so they have great compassion and understanding for this younger generation.


Sponsors are the life blood for our poorer families and are the only means for these children to attend English and Khmer school. Education prepares them to meet the needs of employment in this emerging nation, and closer to home, the needs of this cosmopolitan Tourist destination and International port.


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A Leading Center of English Education

Regent School is an independent, non political, and inter — denominational language school in the beautiful, fast growing international port and tourist seaside town, of Sihanouk Ville, Cambodia.

Cambodian youth are hungry for learning and work diligently when given the opportunity. English language, both spoken and written, is critical to our children taking the reins, bringing Cambodia into the 21st Century, and breaking the cycle of poverty for our extremely poor people. With these outcomes in mind we have an educative structure that provides for people who can fund their own education and that of their children, and another to which offers poor children the same opportunities through our Sponsorship program.

Our current primary focus provides a full English education — reading, writing, grammar, and extensive vocabulary with emphasis on clear two way communication skills, to assist the next generation of Cambodians to fully realize their potential in our fast changing and emerging nation. We recognize the necessity of a fully rounded education & require that all day students, also attend a government funded Khmer school to combine with our English program, we work with sponsors to assist with this important element as it ensures a complete education for this precious generation, who will in the future, combine with students from the other 19 provinces and 4 municipalities of Cambodia in the important task of contributing to the future growth and direction of Cambodia.

As most people are aware Cambodia lost several generations of our learned and arts based people to the Khmer Rouge and making that up is a huge undertaking starting from the very beginning again. All books and instruments were destroyed along with the people who taught and worked with them, so building a continuing viable education across the whole spectrum is vital to our children today and they will in turn play their part in continuing this process as they mature and graduate.

Our focus is to tailor teaching methods and programs to meet the unique learning styles and interests of our students and to create a curriculum that engages, excites and challenges each student and begins preparing them for the planned Asian Economic Community in 2015. Currently Cambodia lags behind Thailand and Vietnam across the board in education access and particularly English as a common language will be vitally important in the Asian Community future. We offer a diverse English education that addresses a balanced development of the mind, the body and the emerging spirit. It is also planned to offer English Mathematics in the near future