In a bid to keep class prices low we welcome ‘clear native’ volunteer English speaking teachers or TESL trained educators of all ages at Regent School to perfect the students pronunciation and conversation skills. There is no volunteer fee involved – you are responsible for your own board and keep, however help with sourcing very affordable accommodation is available if required.

Volunteer periods of a month or more are available, unfortunately we don’t accept people for less as it is too disruptive for our students and system - hours are flexible with either morning, afternoon or evening blocks or a mix of all are available. There are several lovely tropical sandy beaches to choose from within walking distance for your time off, and casual tourist style affordable restaurants and bars or explore affordable Islands or dive trips at weekends. You won’t be bored living in this cosmopolitan tourist town – in fact you might find, like others before you, you may never want to leave.

Students are from all backgrounds and are very respectful and enthusiastic to learn. They have excellent grammar and vocabulary skills from the first rate Khmer teachers however they lack pronunciation, speaking and understanding the spoken word. Classes are from Kindergarten age through to adults and students are usually of varied age groups. Clear guidelines on content and specifics will be supplied and all permanent staff will support you in your teaching role with translation or other assistance as required.

Teaching credentials are required to be submitted along with official police checks from your country. You will understand we must take all care to ensure required standards are met, and protection of our students is paramount.

Code of Conduct

While we encourage teachers to interact with children in the normal course of learning, Pedophilia is a huge issue in Cambodia, so along with NGO’s we need to make you aware that contact with individual children outside of the classroom is totally inappropriate & police are constantly on the look out for Westerners out and about with local children, and you will be stopped and questioned. You may be fine but they learn to trust foreigners and the next person may put them at risk. This is a sad fact of life but totally necessary to protect vulnerable children especially in this busy tourist town.

Volunteer Testimonials

I came with the intention of volunteering for a month and then traveling extensively – intending to return for periods of a month or more in between my journeys – I am still here now 8 months later – thoroughly enjoying the adventure of living and experiencing life around these welcoming people and beautiful children in this lovely seaside town. Every day there are more sad stories and yet they greet you with such lovely shy smiles and the inevitable “Madam or teacher, how are you today? It will be hard for me to move on – I will certainly be staying far longer than I had intended. I have had the honour of being invited to 2 Khmer weddings & a baby party so far & the family I am boarding with are becoming part of my life here.

The English education taught is very thorough, however all students benefit from regular English conversation and work on correct pronunciation. All students show an incredible will to improve their education and skills. I have found it a very rewarding experience.

Shirley — Melbourne Australia

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